This site displays examples of historic uniform and kit that were worn by Members of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP),
the Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
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Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Gendarmerie royale du Canada
The Equitation Great Coat (left) viewed from the side shows how big these coats are, covering the Member and draping over much of the back of her horse.
Two mounted Constables (above) wearing the rarely seen Equitation Great Coat for protection from the Winter weather, taken at Whistler during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.
Officer's cape with gold Bison chain closure (above); worn with the formal Officer's Mess Dress.
Sgt/M Bill Stewart (left) in scarlet Review Order uniform
with Roughrider appointment; Sam Browne complete with whistle, LSGC medal with silver bar, Musical Ride, Revolver and Rifle marksman badges, holding a riding crop.
Some examples of the green Gortex high visibility traffic/duty jacket. A Corporal (top) in his cruiser and the infamous "Sgt Pepper" at the UBC lines for the G-20, above right.
Obverse and reverse view (
below) of the "Bumble Bee" yellow and black Gortex duty jacket.
Northern duties - heavy buffalo coat
S/Sgt/M in Blue Tunic and officer's forage cap; Inspector in blue jacket with junior officer's forage cap; Constable in Scarlet Serge with Stetson.
Staff Sgt chevrons on a pea coat worn for cold weather wear, currently replaced by the James Bay storm coat (right).
A Superintendent's full length Great Coat worn for officer's Review Order (brass King's Crown and 2 pips indicating rank on the epaulettes).
Reflective Orange raincoat with orange cap cover for forage cap.
Black raincoat with black cap cover for forage cap (reverse of orange coat, middle)
JR Gaunt vulcanized rubber slicker. Made in Scotland, c. 1958. Perfectly designed to repel rain and retain body heat.
Staff Sgt epaulette
on the James Bay Storm Coat (c. 1987).
Regimental Winter Parka.
Male patrol jacket (circa 1974).
Female Patrol jacket.
Officer's wool melton cloth
overcoat, circa 1978
Water rescue suit; insulated, with hood, reflective markings and inflatible collar. Made by Mustang Buoyant Industrial Wear.
Male patrol jacket with reflective front pocket POLICE tab
Male patrol jacket with reflective reverse
Standard, lined, patrol jacket, with velcro-close front pockets
Kevlar vest over standard patrol jacket
Depot Sergeant Major T.L. Patterson, the first female to serve in that capacity (left), wearing the blue serge tunic and officer's cap badge with S/M forage cap.
Below a blue tunic worn by senior nco's, with a Sam Browne belt complete with whistle and whistle holder, Staff Sgt rank chevrons, KC collar badges, and brass RCMP shoulder titles.
Depot Sergeant Major T.O. Lewis, responsible for deportment, discipline and gentle
encouragement of all new recruits, circa 1985 (
right); wearing red serge tunic and officer's forage cap.