This site displays examples of historic uniform and kit that were worn by Members of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP),
the Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
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Tunics & Headdress
Appproved headdress for Constables: turban, Stetson, and female kepi (obsolete).
In 1990 (left),
RCMP Sergeant Baltej Singh Dhillon
was the first Member permitted to wear a Sikh turban with his
Review Order uniform.
The Ceremonial Full Dress
Review Order uniform of
Supt. George TIMKO
(Reg #18798 / O.928; died Ottawa, 2010), including scarlet serge tunic with sword belt, LSGC medal ribbon, officer's forage cap, and black congress boots with box spurs.
Queen's Crown Sword belt (above)
Sword Hangers (sides)
Cloth forage caps (male, left and female kepi, right) - obsolete
The cloth forage caps were introduced in the early 1970s and were universally disliked by the Members who worked diligently at misplacing their caps until HQ relented and they were eventually recalled.
Chauffeur's forage cap (Transport Division) - obsolete

The introduction of the turban to the RCMP uniform was a divisive issue that polarized segments of the Canadian population. On the
left is an example of a popular lapel pin opposing the turban as a threat to national heritage.
Male Constable's forage cap
Female Constable's kepi - obsolete
Standard Constable's forage cap with orange rain cap
D/Comm and Commissioner's forage cap
Winter fur hat
Female Winter fur hat (obsolete)
Provost Company beret
Provost Company field service cap
3/15/90 BUT...

In 1990 the contentious issue of allowing a turban to be worn with the RCMP uniform was concluded by the Solicitor General, Pierre Cadieux. Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, entrenched in the Canadian Constitution, had prevailed. Dhillon could wear his turban as a Member of the RCMP, establishing a precedent of great symbolic power. Some who could not accept the ruling started to sport the lapel pins shown here.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Gendarmerie royale du Canada
1930's Inspector's forage cap
Junior Officer's forage cap
(Inspector and Superintendent)
Senior Officer's forage cap
(C/Supt and A/Comm)
Public Order black Raven helmet with visor
BUCO 1601 riot helmet, blue and gold with visor
Fire Investigation Services hardhat
Winter weight military Bush Cap
with metal badge
Public Order black "Raven" helmet with visor, seen in use by Members (above).
Scarlet Serge tunic, Undress Order; Sergeant's chevrons, service stars, crossed revolvers and crossed rifles; metal collar badges and shoulder titles; undress ceremonial belt.
Duty shirt with tactical vest complete with holster, and holders for ammunition, flashlight, etc.
Senior NCOs blue tunic with Sam Browne belt, metal collar badges and shoulder titles, Staff Sergeant chevrons, riding crop and forage cap with KC cap badge.
Officer's formal Mess Dress uniform (left) and Constable's Review Order red serge tunic (right).
Fatigue tunic, circa. 1950.
Heavy canvas material with brass KC buttons.
Stable/fatigue tunic, c. 1948. Heavy khaki with brass KC buttons.
Duck fatigue blouse, battle dress pattern, circa 1957 (Peerless Garments Ltd). Worn by Members of the the Marine Division, Members of the Air Division, and Members appointed as Dog Masters. These were also worn as stable fatigues by Regular Members.
RNWMP Field Service jacket circa 1917. Khaki duck with brass RNWMP buttons.
Neck collar with rank pip - equivalent to Major (right).
View of the Austrian knot (
middle); the sleeve lace above the cuff on each arm of the tunic.
Victorian Officer's tunic,
front and back,
NWMP circa 1885.
Depot fatigue jacket, issued to cadets. ACKO Ltd, khaki. Circa 1960.
Battle dress duty jacket worn by Marine and Air Division members and Dog Masters. Scott-Lasalle Ltd, brown. Circa 1967.
Bike blouse, zip front, with velcro pockets worn by Members on the Bike Squad.
Reverse view of the bike blouse with reflective POLICE insignia.
Search and Rescue team member coveralls
Officer's Mess Dress - male and female officers. From the Dress Regs:
No. 1. Blue field service cap; mess jacket; mess waistcoat; white formal shirt; gold cuff links and studs; blue overalls; congress boots; box spurs; white kid gloves; miniature medals and decorations; cape if appropriate.

Raid vest
NWMP Sergeant's tunic (above)- a reproduction made for the 1973 March West re-enactment for The Force's Centenanial celebrations. The tunic appears orange as it has been sun bleached in the areas that were open to the elements during the ride re-enactment.
Side view (left) of the NWMP tunic with Sergeant's chevrons. Below the reverse view of the tunic.
RCMP Veteran's Association berets
Right, a scarlet serge tunic circa 1910 attributed to the RNWMP. Tunic is made of wool serge and is lined inside. Collar, front, and skirts are edged with with gilt piping. Brass buttons are CANADA General Service pattern.
ERT Helmet with radio headset system
Soft caps, FIS and DogMasters
Approved duty wear, Sikh turban
Commissioned Officer's Review Order Sword Belt
King's Crown Sword belt (above)
Stetsons were made in England by Christys' Hats c.1958
Head Gear
Marine Division sailor's cap (left) and officer's forage cap (right).
Canadian Expeditionary Force
forage cap
Sword Knot
Sword Hanger
Sword Hangers
Original NWMP officer's sword belt and buckle (circa 1880)
RCMP non-commissioned member's Undress belt (circa 2010)
Approved duty wear,
Muslim Hijab
Reg # 27851 Staff Sgt Major D.R. Tipple
An offficer's Mess Dress jacket c. 1930, with a King's Crown collar badge, gold braid edging to the placket.
(Female) The Member may wear Mess Order No. 1 with overalls or with long blue skirt, hosiery and pumps. Decorations and medals are won in miniature on the left collar.
Inspector Baltej Singh Dhillon
is now a 30+ year veteran of the RCMP.