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Gendarmerie du royale Canada
Provost Marshalls
This site displays examples of historic uniform and kit that were worn by Members of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP),
the Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
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RCMP 11144 Wilfrid George Lloyd - front and centre as Sergeant training with the other Members of No 1 Provost Coy at Aldershot. Lloyd joined the RCMP in 1931. He was Sgt Major at Depot from 1949-51.
On the outbreak of WWII he volunteered to join the newly formed No. 1 Provost Coy (RCMP).
He deployed to Brest in France in July 1940 with the 1 Cdn Inf Div but returned after 3 days. He then attended OCTU and from January 1941 to April 1942 was OC 1 Provost Company as a Capt. In April 1942 he became OC of 3 Cdn Inf Div Pro Coy and was subsequently DAPM 3 Cdn Inf Div as a Major deploying on D Day with the Division. He ended WW2 as APM 2 Cdn Corps, was awarded the MBE on 10 July 1945, and became CO of the Cdn Pro Corps Depot, Aldershot as a Lt Col before returning to Canada and the RCMP as a Corporal.
He subsequently served in Fredericton and Depot, was Sgt Maj HQ Ottawa in 1948 and then Sgt Maj at Depot from 1949 - 1951.
He was struck of strength of the RCMP in January 1952.
1941 Aldershot, UK.
No 1 Provost Coy (RCMP) Capt. Wilfrid Lloyd (left with map case under arm) confers with former RNWMP 5529, Major General George Pearkes, VC, at what appears to be a training exercise - the General's gas mask is at the "alert" position.
LLOYD, Wilfrid George, Major
Member, Order of the British Empire
Canadian Provost Corps
awarded as per Canada Gazette and CARO/5826, both dated 30 June 1945.

By reason of initiative, leadership and organizing ability of Major Lloyd, Assistant Provost Marshal, Provost resources with 3 Canadian Infantry Division have at all time met the exceptionally heavy demands placed upon them. This has been most evident during periods of active operations when traffic control on operational routes and the handling of prisoners of war have stretched Provost resources to their limit. On every occasion involving a move of this formation Major Lloyd has personally gone to the forward areas to ensure that traffic moved in accordance with the plan. May times under enemy shell fire, the presence of this officer, his coolness, fine soldierly example and ability to overcome obstacles, no matter how dangerous the situation, have been the main factor in keeping the traffic moving forward unimpeded. As a disciplinarian he has imbued all ranks with the high standard which he himself has set. The excellent standard of discipline, deportment and esprit de corps among Provost personnel in this formation are the direct result of the insistence at all times by Major Lloyd that all ranks not only do their job well but also under any and all conditions. As a soldier and leader of men he has by his ceaseless efforts achieved an unrivalled reputation.
Buckingham Palace, 1946
Captain Wilfrid Lloyd, MBE
Assistant Provost Marshall
No 1 Provost Coy (RCMP)
Order of the
France and Germany Star
with Overseas Bar